This is Theo

Theo is a woman full of more energy and love than we can portray in words and images. Up until recently she was one of the smiling faces that greeted us when we came home to the hotel each night. She had been working at the Hotel Brovad for more than 10 years and was very popular with guests for her sweet nature.

In the time we’ve been here we’ve developed a strong bond with Theo, who is a mother to four children of her own, Titus, Trisha, Timothy and Trinity (yes, her husband’s name starts with ‘T’ – it’s Tonny). Theo is also mother to Jemimah, the daughter of her brother who passed away and whose mother was unable to care for her. It’s very common in Uganda for families to take on the responsibility of children from their extended family.

We’ve spent a bit of time with Theo and her family and we recently went to visit them at their home in a village within Masaka. It was the first weekend of the school holidays so there were lots of kids around and I wasn’t surprised to find them all hanging out at Theo’s. She emanates a warmth towards children that is so maternal and nurturing. It’s really beautiful to watch.

Theo’s youngest son Trinity was born with severe cerebral palsy. He’s non verbal and unable to sit, stand or walk unsupported. If you know anything about the challenges kids with disabilities face in western civilisation you can probably imagine the prospects here. When we first met Trinity we learned that he was receiving physical therapy at best once a month due to Theo’s long hours and limited financial resources.

Logan decided to go with her to a physio session where he spoke with the specialist and was able to arrange a custom made standing frame and chair to be made for Trinity for around $175 AUD. This would mean that Trinity could spend time every day strengthening his muscles so that hopefully someday he will be able to sit, stand and walk on his own.

Trinity has had his frame and chair for 3+ months and already we have noticed a marked improvement. He can stand and hold his own body weight while holding on to some rails that his brothers and sisters made for him in their garden at home. Incredible progress in such a short space of time and very exciting for the whole family.



Yiga, Jemimah, Theo, Timothy, Titus, Trisha & Trinity


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