48 hours in Bogota, Colombia

We had a couple of days in Bogota before flying to Cuba, here’s how we spent our time.


Hotel Casa Guadalupe – we chose this charming and colourful hotel in La Candelaria, the old town. It was well located and reasonably priced. The room was really spacious and had a lovely view of the mountains. Breakfast included fruit, croissants, eggs, coffee and juice. Great WIFI also available in the room.

Eat + Drink

Dos Gatos & Simone – this place had great food and drinks and even has a vegetarian menu (very rare in South America). They also have a good selection of beers including Colombian craft beers on tap.

Café Magola Buendía – We stumbled across this place by chance. From the front it looks like a Max Brenner but if you bypass the front cafe and walk through to the back it opens into a lounge & courtyard. It feels like a real locals hangout. They serve a small selection of food, mostly snacks and small bites. They have a great selection of artisan beers on tap as well as bottled options and they do coffee. They also have Tejo at the back of the courtyard but unfortunately it wasn’t operating when we were there. Tejo is a crazy cool Colombian “sport” that involves throwing metal pucks at a target laced with little explosives (kind of like caps from the old cap guns). It’s pretty simple from there, if you hit an explosive, it goes bang and you get a point! Also it’s kind of expected that you get roaring drunk while playing, obviously.

There are loads of restaurants and cool cafes in the Candelaria area, just wander around and you’ll stumble across them.

Things To Do

Monserrate – we love the chance to incorporate the sites with some exercise so we decided to walk the 2000 meters up Monserrate Mountain in the centre of the city. From a distance it looks incredibly steep, especially when you see the incline of the teleférico and the funicular but the path is paved in stone stairs and winds around so it’s not as bad as it looks. That said, Bogota is in the top three highest cities in South America so the altitude makes the climb a little more challenging.

Bogota Graffiti Tour – Bogota is listed in the top 10 best cities to check out street art by local and international artists. There’s a long and interesting history of the legal obstacles that street artists in Bogota have faced over the years. Through their donation based tours the team at Bogota Graffiti support artists to create community projects throughout Colombia. The tour went for two and half hours and was really informative, including lots about the history of street art as well as Colombia’s political history from a different perspective.

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